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Fair and local food is crucial for your health, your territory and the environment!
Food that comes in your meals often runs a long journey, with a big social and environmental impact on the communities crossed.
Do you know that a meat menu produce 6 times the co2 emissions of a vegetarian one? That everyone of us can grow his own fresh vegetables in his/her balcony/roof? Or that eat local and seasonal fruit and vegetables is relevant for vitamin, and also for preserving your territory and building our identity?
If you want to change your daily food lifestyle,  join our “Hungry for Rights - Change your Food Style!" community! Here you can get in touch with European actors, best practices, news, suggestions and practical actions to change your food everyday habits. your city, our communities and the whole environment will relay appreciate it!

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FONGS - Fédération des ONG du Sénégal
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Hungry for Rights - Change your Food Style!
The “Hungry for Rights -Change your Food Style!" community is part of the "Hungry for Rights. Global learning from local solutions in alternative food system" project, co-founded by the European Union, and performed by partners of 5 European countries and Senegal 
Participate in  the community "Hungry for Rights- Change your food style" means to become actors of change by engaging in practical smart choices aimed at increasing individual and collective awareness on sustainability, innovation and social eating lifestyles.
  • Food waste, prevention is better

    Have you ever noticed how much food you throw in trash, maybe without even touching it? It’s time to cut the consumption of unnecessary food, calibrating your grocery shopping on your real needs.

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  • Less food waste even at the restaurant or canteen

    Every day, Europeans spend a lot of time away from home, due to work, study or entertainment reasons. We also have meal out, at restaurant or canteens. If the food wasted at home can be preserved for the next meal, the one left in the dish of the restaurant goes directly to the trash. Why can’t we try to fight food waste out of home?

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  • Start to cultivate a garden in your backyard or balcony

    Would you like to grow vegetables directly at your home? Test your green fingers: do not need big space to cultivate fresh food with satisfaction and get excellent results!

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  • I make my own compost on the balcony

    Making compost on the balcony, or even better in the garden, is an action for anyone who is passionate about DIY. It can be funny and useful,  indipendently of the method and rules of waste collection in your city. Everything you will compost doesn’t go to feed the landfill!

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  • The recipe to fight food losses is coming from England

    To fight food waste we need, first of all, brilliant ideas. For example, the one had by Adam Smith, a chef from Leeds (UK). Adam has opened a restaurant called “The Real Junk Food Project” and is having a huge success, not only in England, but also worldwide. He cooks and serves food that otherwise would have been wasted by supermarkets, groceries stores and food banks. 

  • How does the food we buy, eat and not eat impact the enviroment?

    It is estimated that about 1/3 of the food produced in Europe is not consumed. Waste is present in all stages of the food supply chain. The European Commission estimated that in the EU alone are wasted 90 million tons of food (or 180 kg per person), much of which is still suitable for human consumption. Food waste is identified as a 'mega trends' to be addressed and resolved in order to make efficient use of resources in Europe. 


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