Start to cultivate a garden in your backyard or balcony

For having a garden at home it is not compulsory to have a big garden or a large open space. Even a simple balcony or a urban terrace can become a source of great satisfaction. In our cities, with a little commitment and patience it is possible to grow smoothly almost all the most common vegetables. You just need to devote few hours a week to some simple tasks such as moving the topsoil, removing weeds from the pots, and of course, remember to water according to the correct frequency. The last one is the most challenging task; in case of large watering we can install a drip irrigation system with programmable timer, allowing us to save time!
Talking about costs to set up our vegetable garden, the money amount obviously depends on the number of plants with which you want to start, but it is moderate. You have to take in to account to purchase some pots, some seed envelopes (the germination rate is guaranteed a minimum of two years, and it can therefore be used for more seasons), some soil  (the universal one is usually a good product) and some fertilizers, the best are the slow-release ones. 
Some practical tips:
a) I observe my balcony, its size and exposure to sun and wind. I prepare a small and realistic project about what I can grow and what I not;
b) If the balcony is close to a road or exposed to strong sun or wind I create a barrier of protection with a climbing plant on the railing. This action will contribute to protect the harvest and also to mitigate traffic noise;
c) When selecting plants I prefer local varieties, as more resistant and fitting with temperature and humidity in my area; 
d) I prepare some pots of different size and depth according to the needs of the plants I've chosen to grow;
d) I water in a saving way and always in the evening , when the water evaporates more slowly and is absorbed by the soil, preferring using water used for washing fruits and vegetables.
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10/04/2014 alle 09:11

Hi everybody! I live in Milan and started to cultivate some vegetables in my garden. Tomatoes, rosemary, sage, basil.... it is quite easy to do, doesn't take much time and.. I love it!



07/03/2014 alle 12:19



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