Less food waste even at the restaurant or canteen

Europe throws away around 90 millions of tons of food every year, the 14% of it within the food service and catering sector (Preparatory study on food waste across Europe 27).
If at home we keep attention to reuse table scraps and to preserve the left over for the next meals, when we have a meal at the restaurants or the canteen of home the food left in our dish goes directly to the trash. If we take into account that over half of Europeans consume at least one meal away from home per day (Slow Food), we realize why it is so important to fight the problem of food waste also away of our home.
The proposal is to spread the culture of saving food, money and natural resources adopting some simple concrete actions:
1) When possible, in restaurants and cafeterias, I avoid excessive portions for my appetite.
2) At the restaurant: I ask to the waiter for the "doggy bag" (fighting-waste bag). Some restaurants offer customers a bag to take home the food left in the dish. 
3) At my school: I propose the adoption of a fighting-waste bag for bringing home packaged food, uncut and unpeeled fruit, yogurt. In particular:
  • If I am a parent or a teacher, I propose to the parent’s association and/or to the school administrator the adoption of an fighting-waste awareness campaign, involving NGOs and no profit organizations active in the territory;
  • If I am a public administrator, I propose and support awareness campaigns against food waste in the school of my municipality;
  • If I am a canteen user, I suggest to those who manage the service to adopt and distribute  a fighting-waste bag;
4) If I get the chance, I carry a packed lunch to work or school, perhaps prepared at home with leftovers from the day before dinner.

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14/04/2014 alle 09:06

I always ask for a doggy bag at the restaurant...


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