I make my own compost on the balcony

To compost your scraps you just need a bin with many small holes, even on the bottom, in order to allow air circulation; place the bin on a rise and put a dish below it for colletcing the liquid that may drain out.

What can I put in? Uncooked fruit and vegetable peels (chopping the larger ones, as melon and watermelon, to speed up the process), egg shells and nut shells,  weeds, shredded branches, dried flowers and leaves, paper (although not shiny magazine type paper) and small pieces of cardboard (not plastic ones).

If you have a large compost, you can also put the cat litter, but only if it is the vegetable one.

What not to put in? Shellfish (mussels, clams); cooked food, meat and fish (to prevent bad smell).

After 5-6 months the topsoil begins to be ready and, after a year, you'll have the mature compost to feed plants and flowers.

If you are interesed in learning more about the matter, you can easily find  some courses on  domestic compost organized by municipalities, associations and schools.

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