Food waste, prevention is better

An average European citizen spends around 1.800 € for buying food and beverage every year (Eurostat) and, at the same time, wastes about 76 kg of food!

That means a total amount of 38 million tons of food wasted, raising 90 million tonnes if we also consider the leftovers from the production and distribution chain (EC Food waste library).

The Proposal: With a more carefully grocery shopping Europe could save about 78 Mt of CO2 per year and also reduce a lot the final household expenditure.

For example a family that lives in the UK could save 470£ a year, rising to 700£ for a family with children (lovefoodhatewaste), while an Italian family could save around 367 € per year (Waste watcher).

The concrete actions:

How? Adopting some little, but powerful, actions in our daily life:

a)      I fill out a shopping list, planning a weekly menu;

b)     I purchase what I need in a little amount and often;

c)      I choose products on offer only if I really need them!;

d)     I prefer local and seasonally fruit and vegetables. They are fresher and less perishable, as don’t have to cope with long time transportation;

e)      I am careful to preserve food. For example, I keep separate packages of different varieties of fruits and vegetables (preferably in paper bags), and I divide the fruits and vegetables ready to be eaten from the ones that could keep longer;

f)      I re-use the scraps and leftovers from my table;

g)     And out of my home? I ask for the doggy bag! Some restaurants offer a bag to take home the food left in the dish.

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Preparatory study on Food Waste across Europe – EU 27

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14/04/2014 alle 09:05

Hi all, I would like to add a tip:
never go to the supermarket when you are hungry!!!! you could buy everything.... ;)


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